“Breaking News” at AFA Gallery, New York

Blouin Art Info | September 18, 2018

Mister E, “Benny Jr. & Independence Hall II”

Mister E, “Benny Jr. & Independence Hall II”

AFA Gallery presents “Breaking News,” featuring artworks by King Saladeen and Mister E, curated by Peter Tuchman and Doug Smith, on view from September 13 through October 7, 2018.

“The exhibition’s title, chosen by curator Peter Tuchman (best known as the New York Stock Exchange’s most photographed trader), makes reference to the groundbreaking debut of these artists’ work in the hallways of the NYSE this summer,” says the gallery.

Self-taught artist King Saladeen was born and raised in West Philadelphia. Since his first solo show in 2014, Saladeen’s career has skyrocketed, and his work has been featured in several high-profile fine-art exhibitions, including Art Basel (2015) as well as in a series of luxury automobile commissions, all while spreading a message of positivity and breaking boundaries.
Saladeen has been passionate about art from the age of five drawing on whatever he could get his hands on from paper to walls. Having been raised in a tough urban environment, Saladeen turned his attention to basketball where he shined. An automobile accident later sidelined him causing him to redirect his attention to his first love — art.
Saladeen began presenting his artwork in some of the hippest and cutting edge venues. He continues to meld the art world with cars, fashion, and music.
Delray Beach based artist Mister E (b. 1987) is known for his colossal and colorful interpretation of US currency. “Through his diverse body of work, Mister E provokes viewers to think about money in a totally different way than ever before. His colorful painting of the 2009 series $100 bill titled ‘Benny Jr.’, has quickly become recognized internationally. His goal is to take away the evil connotation that most associate with money, and instead use it as a symbol for motivation, inspiration, and freedom,” says the artist’s website.
Mister E was also chosen to create artwork for the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards after party for Republic Records.

The exhibition will be on view from September 13 through October 7, 2018 at AFA Gallery, New York. 54 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013.