Head in The Clouds

Daniel Merriam




November 13th – December 13th, 2013


The modern artistic voice of a unique compelling social visual vocabulary, artist Daniel Merriam presents his latest exhibition premiering Nov. 13 at AFA Gallery in New York, when he’ll give a talk about his most recent works. The exhibition, Head In the Clouds is a body of work that one may call “Imaginary Realism…the Ultimate-ism.”

Merriam is a contemporary surrealist best known for his dry brush technique and imaginative style. His blend of curiosity, adventurous nature and sense of humor tempt viewers into a colorful mystic state of bliss. The detailed paintings explore a rich inner life and do so with a master’s hand. From the Grand Palais in Paris to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Merriam is exhibited in museums and private collections throughout the world.