JUNE 11th – JULY 2nd, 2015

“Charming… I like that word a lot, it is a delicious sort of word. To have the ability to charm takes a different kind of power— it is still strong, but soft and alluring at the same time. It conjures images of hypnotized ladies being led through the woods by beasts, the ability to charm the fairy voice out of a flower and bring it to a new level of life, or the ability to communicate with animals. It also can feel mischievous, but not too dark. It was finally settled, the first word anyway… the rest came quickly, though. In looking around at what was coming to life in my studio, there’s a mingling of nature, mysterious creatures, and Lilith.

All of these things make me think of the words ‘The Wilds’. The wilds in the deep, dark parts of our hearts and souls. The wild beast that lives inside us sometimes; it evokes images of wild animals, hidden places, and plant life that can grow around whatever we put in its path… ‘The Wilds’ feels alive. I want to charm the wilds. I want to bring a little magic into the world, if I can. So, ‘Charming the Wilds’ feels like it was there all along under the soil, waiting for me to kick some dirt aside and find it there smiling up at me, like a shiny coin with a cute little face.”

– Jennybird Alcantara