2015, Oil on Canvas,12 x 16 in.

Yoko D'Holbachie

Yoko d’Holbachie was born in 1971 in Yokohama, Japan. She studied Art and design at Tama Art University in Tokyo. She has worked as a freelance designer for advertisements, books, magazines, and video games. d’Holbachie currently teaches art in Tokyo in addition to spending time in her studio creating paintings and sculpture. Her work has been exhibited throughout Asia and in London, Rome, Los Angeles, and Miami. Her 2012 exhibition at AFA, “My Strange Goddess,” marked her first solo show in the USA.  Elements of kawaii, anime, pop art, and surrealism blend together in beautifully rendered works. The bright, feminine energy of d’Holbachie’s work draws the viewer in. Her use of strange, complex elements within bizarre landscapes holds the viewer’s focus. d’Holbachie ask questions about conventional ideas of reality, appearance, power, and danger.