Michael AlanJean Pierre ArboledaAnne Bachelier, Sergio Barrale,  Casey Baugh,  Mia Bergeron, Rick Berry,  Troy BrooksKelly DenatoRose Freymuth-FrazierJared JoslinJessica JoslinRobert LaDukeDavid Lipson, Francis Livingston,  Alessandra Maria, Caitlin McCormack, Ryan Salge,  Marc Scheff, Steven Skollar



DECEMBER 7th, 2017- JANUARY 1st, 2018


AFA GALLERY IS PROUD TO PRESENT: Small Works,  a group exhibition of small format work from over thirty different artists from around the world.  United in their scale, the featured artworks explore the variation in style, concept, and technical approach present in contemporary painting, drawing, and sculpture. The pieces that have been created exclusively for the exhibition have maximum dimensions of 16 x 16 x 16 inches  (40.5 x 40.5 x 40.5 cm.)

From the meticulous 18th century paintings on ivory to the illuminated manuscripts of the Renaissance, the miniature is deeply rooted in the history of art.  While techniques and subject matter have changed over time, the unique impact of the miniature artwork remains the same.  The intimate scale of these works draws the viewer closer, forcing them to engage personally with the artwork
and artist.