Eureka - Liquid Light

Tanya Clarke


June 20th — September 8th, 2013


AFA of SoHo presents “Eureka”, an exhibition of 16 new liquid sculptures by Tanya Clarke. The artist’s on-going ‘Liquid Light’ series experiments with the fusion of art, function & environmental consciousness by creating a visual reminder of the precious commodity that water is and our need to protect this natural resource. Low-voltage lights, hand-sculpted glass drops, reclaimed plumbing & hardware are incorporated together as a contribution to the Zero Footprint Movement in the form of ‘Liquid Light’.

Tanya Clarke was raised in Ottawa, Canada. She is the daughter of leading political & environmental activist, Tony Clarke. She currently lives on the beach in California where she collects things & puts them together. ‘Liquid Light’ is an expression of her present environment, upbringing and concern for the future of our environment. ’Liquid Light’ pieces can be found in galleries, museums & private collections across North America & around the world. Clarke’s sculptures were commissioned to light up the Cannes Film Festival in 2012, and her work is in the personal collections of numerous celebrities including Russell Crowe, Susan Sarandon, Seth Rogen, Roseanne Barr and Tom Whitman.