The Art of Tech

In Collaboration with Tech in Motion


MARCH 1st – 25th, 2018


AFA Gallery is proud to present The Art of Tech: an exhibition in collaboration with Tech In Motion of work by Taezoo Park and artist duo Victoria Manganiello and Julian Goldman that celebrates the intersection of contemporary art and technology. 


Digital Being by Taezoo Park is a series of mixed-media installations created from the detritus of broken and discarded electronic devices.  Through his work, Taezoo imagines the existence of an invisible and formless creature born within the circuits of technological garbage. By displaying text, geometric forms, and planetary imagery, Taezoo’s Digital Beings come to life and interact with their enviroment and those who come in contact with them.


Computer 1.0 by Victoria Manganiello and Julian Goldman is an interactive installation in the form of large-scale woven textiles constructed with traditional yarns and clear polymer tubing. The tubing serves as a conduit for colored solutions that act as pixels in a display producing patterns and images. Contextualized within a public setting, this installation urges viewers to closely examine their relationship with technology by way of their relationship with cloth, a coded manifestation of original computer control. In its debut exhibition, Computer 1.0 hopes to re-examine modern technology through a historical lens that dates back to the Jaquard loom of 1804 - the first computer.


On March 1st , Tech In Motion will host  Demos and Drinks, a gallery-inspired networking event, at AFA Gallery from 6:30-9pm. Artists Victoria Manganiello, Julian Goldman , and Taezoo Park will be present to discuss their work, and there will be a special presentation by the creators of , a digital drawing platform that uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized art gallery run by smart contracts. The creators of the site will be projecting some of its visual “conversations” as well as its digital art collection on blockchain. Guests will be able to draw and participate in a dedicated visual conversation created for the event.  Tickets for Demos and Drinks are available for purchase online.