Rollin' With The Homies

Tom Everhart


May 18th — June 18th, 2013


Artist Tom Everhart, world-renowned for his paintings of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the entire cast of Peanuts, presents his latest exhibition entitled Rollin With the Homies.

This extraordinary Collection of works will be on exhibition and available for acquisition at AFA in New York City beginning May 18 through June 18, 2013. Everhart painted alongside legendary Peanuts creator Charles Schulz and is the only fine artist educated by Schulz. In 1988, Schultz encouraged Everhart to carry forward his comic strip creations to the fine art form – and to extraordinary results: Everhart’s Peanuts related work went on to show in museums and galleries around the world, including a show at the Louvre. Today, Everhart remains the only artist who will ever be allowed to paint any aspect of Peanuts.

The larger-than-life paintings of Tom Everhart straddle the line between the comfortably familiar and a new way of seeing. As the only artist licensed to use the Peanuts™ characters in his art, Everhart utilizes the instantly recognizable image of Snoopy to communicate a new sensibility – one that is at once accessible and exotic. “I want my work to be very inviting,” he explains. “I want people to see the attraction in it, and be lured in.”