Michael Alan, Jennybird AlcantaraJean Pierre Arboleda, Sergio Barrale, Rick Berry, Ray Caesar, Bill CarmanNicoletta Ceccoli, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Justin Hopkins, Alexis Kandra, Chris Lieb, Francis Livingston, Travis Louie, Alessandra Marie,  Steven SkollarPol Turgeon, Antoine Verdier, Martin Wittfooth, & Hannah Yata


SEPTEMBER 14th – OCTOBER 6th, 2017


Building off of the long history of paper as an accessible and transportable medium for art, these artists expose the ephemerality of paper across a wide spectrum. United in their materiality, the works in the exhibition highlight the role of paper as a surface and, at times, even as an active participant, whose negative space is a subject in and of itself.