On View Now

 AFA has curated two current exhibitions at our galleries within Château Belcastel in France.  

Pierre Matter: “Le Souffle de Changement”

May-October 2019

French artist Pierre Matter will have his debut instal- lation at the chateau in June 2019. Pierre Matter works mostly with bronze and recycled objects, using weld- ers, plasma cutters, laser cutters and grinders to shape and sculpt. “I’m a kind of salvager. I feel like a child in a heap of sand, but instead of sand, there’s a lot of recycling and scrap, full of magnificent objects. Often, the sculpture which emerge from these scraps of metal speak to us of who we are and how our future might be.”

Crystal Wagner: “Ignis Fatuus”

May-October 2019

A monumental sculpture by critically acclaimed American artist Crystal Wagner will be installed in June of 2019. It will wrap around the facade of Chateau Belcastel, transforming the exterior of the castle into a hybrid of historic architecture and colorful, abstract forms. The installation is accompanied by a series of smaller “Hemisphere” sculptures, paintings, prints and a limited edition resin sculpture are available for purchase.