Past Exhibitions

AFA has hosted nearly 100 events to honor and showcase some of the great artists, directors, authors, and entertainment figures over the last 25 years. Many events provided charitable contributions for such organizations as Schneider's Children’s Hospital, the National Hungerthon campaign, and Toys for Tots. The gallery has hosted benefits with the American Breast Cancer Foundation and The Jim Henson Foundation, among others, and has supported the arts through collaborations with MoMA, BAM, MOMI, MoCCA, The Society of Illustrators, and The Charles M. Schulz Museum.



 Visions for Film & Faerie - Brian Froud (December 2011)

 Unbalanced - Bill Carman (October 2011)

Hooch, Cooch & Scootching - Kirk Reinert (September 2011)

 Crashing the Party - Tom Everhart (May 2011)

Built on Dreams Alone - Daniel Merriam (April 2011)



Taking Reality by Surprise - Daniel Merriam (May 2010)

The Streets - Ralph Bakshi (March 2010)

The Art of Stop Motion - Tim Burton Films (November 2009)

Sendak in SoHo - Maurice Sendak (October 2009)

Imaginary Realism - Daniel Merriam (August 2009)

Controversial Truffles - Daniel Merriam (November 2008)

The Eye of a Dreamer - Daniel Merriam (October 2007)

Extraordinary Bubbles - Daniel Merriam (November 2006)

Peanuts Paintings - Tom Everhart, Launch Exhibition (1997)