"Hey You!"



44 x 22 x 28 cm; 17.3 x 8.6 x 11 in.

Edition of 8


Pierre Matter

Born in Munster, France, Pierre Matter was a tormented child who found solace in studying mathematics before turning to the “mystical world of art.” Inspired by Bilal, Giger, Jodorowsky, and Dali, Matter worked with paint and ink before settling on three-dimensional media.  Over the next three decades, he focused on  hybridizing living beings with machines. Matter has an obsessive fascination with technology. His work demonstrates a symbiotic relationship between the organic and the mechanical.  He has been referred to as the Father of the “Steampunk” movement because his bronze sculptures are often embellished with scrap metals and recycled objects. Matter’s labor intensive process involves welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting, casting, and grinding before the patina process can begin. Matter takes the viewer on an exploration through his imagination-where scraps of metal emerge alongside polished bronze exposing Matter’s demonstrative view of the future. Matter’s sculptures have been widely exhibited, acquired for important collections, and commissioned for public venues worldwide. Notable monumental installations are located in Paris, London, New-York, Miami, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Dubaï.

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