Mackenzie Thorpe


MAY 4th – 29th, 2017


“I always paint the truth…for me the image is the vehicle to encourage and enable people to feel and think about their emotions”

– Mackenzie Thorpe


Working with oil pastels on paper or in bronze and chrome to create sculpture both small scale and monumental, Mackenzie Thorpemasterfully captures the small pleasures and silent beauties of our every day. Thorpe is deeply connected to his craft and to his subject matter, through which he expresses his most intimate emotions, indeed, his soul. Often praised for his “indomitable spirit”, Thorpe’s newest work embodies a spirit newly revived and invigorated. Reflections serves as Thorpe’s triumphant return to the work that so enlivens him, by reflecting his recent struggle with cancer and his journey to remission. Today, that joy stands front and center, in this exhibition, Reflections.